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If you’re interesting in a non-salesy chat, select a time via the booking calendar and schedule a call. Please get in touch if you don’t see a time that works.


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We'll get to know each other and cover exactly how the service works and what's included.


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You'll get honest answers to every question. The call is to see if we're a good fit, not to sell you on working together.


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What’s included

Account setup

New accounts, or poorly run accounts that need rebuilding, will be set up as part of the monthly management fee. There’s no additional cost to this.

Ongoing optimisation

Regular checks and changes will be made to the ads, helping to get the most out of the account and counteract new competition or downturns in the market.

Conversion tracking

Form submissions and phone calls will be tracked as standard via Tag Manager. More complex tracking, such as ecommerce events, can often be added on for a small additional fee.

Click fraud protection

Malicious competitors, bots and low quality visitors that aren’t detected by Google will be blocked from seeing ads over and over, so they can’t waste your client’s budget.

Branded reports

An easy to understand, manually assembled PDF report with your branding will be provided monthly, so you can send it off to your client or go over it with them on a call.

Performance dashboards

A live performance dashboard can be set up so that you or the client can easily check the details of the account’s performance in real-time, any time you like.

CRO consulting

Get advice personalised to each client on optimising their website or landing page to increase conversion rates. If you order a landing page as an add-on, basic CRO is included.

Email communication

I’m available via email during working hours to answer any questions you have. Calls can also be scheduled where the topic is too big for email.